Insert screws

Tightening Torque

Screw Thread Torx-Size Torque in Nm
M1.6 T5 0.30
T18.Z30A ~M1.8 T5 0.45
M2.0 T6 0.60
M2.2 T7 1.00
M2.5 T7 1.30
T30.090 M3.0 T8 2.20
T35.084 M3.5 T15 3.40
T40.082 M4.0 T15 5.10

Recommended Tightening Torque

The table contains recommended torque values in Newton-metres (Nm) for indexable insert screws. These values include the screw designation, thread type, Torx size, and the recommended torque.

Please note that these are general recommendations. Properly tightening the screws ensures a secure connection between the indexable inserts and cutting tools. Inadequate fastening can result in loosening or failure of the screws, leading to quality issues or even accidents. Adhering to the recommended torque values ensures that the indexable inserts are securely and stably attached to the cutting tool. This ensures optimal machining performance as the cutting edges are correctly positioned and maintain the required stability.

Correctly assembling the indexable insert screws can help extend their lifespan. By following the recommended torque values, the likelihood of damage to the screws or indexable inserts is reduced, leading to a longer service life. Using the recommended torque values ensures that the tools function properly and achieve the desired results.