Driven tooling portfolio for usage with heimatec® u-tec® interface


• Premiere performance milling cutter system with extremely rigid interface
• Expanded live tool offering with introduction of Denitool‘s Vario® system for
high precision boring

Denitool® has developed new and innovative high-end tools for usage with the heimatec® u-tec®
interface and is now introducing its premiere live tool offering for u-tec® driven tooling
units as well as expanding the portfolio for units configured with the ER 25 interface.

One of the critical issues for driven tooling on modern lathes is a compressed manufacturing
workspace which forces both standard and custom solution tooling offerings to be extremely
compact in design.

heimatec® recognized this issue and has achieved great success with the development and intro-
duction of the u-tec® interface. Denitool®, in collaboration with heimatec®, has engineered
its live tooling portfolio specifically to optimize the capabilities of the u-tec® configuration
in order to meet the most demanding metalcutting needs.

With Denitool® and heimatec® u-tec® the capabilities of lathes with live tooling units are now

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