Tools for Swiss type machines


Economy, Performance & Quality

Economic operation with well known Denitool performance thanks to VCGT 1303, DCGT 11T3 and CCGT 09T3.. inserts & holders.

Operating Conditions & Precision

The precision cut ensures extremely stable turning under different operating conditions.

Tool Change

Quick pre-adjustment after each tool change thanks to the smart auxiliary scale

Cutting Data Int'l
Cutting Data U.S.
Cutting Data Int'l - (CC06, CC09, DC07, DC11, TC11, TC16, VC11)
Cutting Data U.S. - (CC06, CC09, DC07, DC11, TC11, TC16, VC11)
Tool Holders Article Numbers
  • SCACR 1212 K09
  • SCACR 1616 K09
  • SDACR 1212 K11
  • SDACR 1616 K11
  • SVACR 1212 K13
  • SVACR 1616 K13
  • SVJCR 1212 K13
  • SVJCR 1616 K13