For Combined MillTurn Centers

Modulo D® System

Flexibility doesn't have to be expensive

  • Affordable, flexible solution for use of high positive rake angle Denitool inserts on millturn centers with modern tool holders
  • Patented, rigid interface with integrated coolant guiding between insert carrier and chuck unit
  • Interchangeable insert carriers with many different lead angles and insert geometries.
  • Copying with standard VCGT 1303 (VCGT 2.52) inserts

Insert carriers for all turning tasks

  • Insert carriers turned 180° useable as needed. (eg. radial arrangement in revolver)
  • Interchangeable hardened insert carriers
  • Custom designed insert carriers available upon request. Many different insert sizes and insert pocked styles have been carried out.

Your chuck is supported

  • Standard chuck unit comes with HSK-T40, HSK-T50, HSK-T63.
  • Custom Interfaces for ABS, PSC, KM etc.
  • Affordable replacement for inserts or insert carrier.

Modulo D available in online store

Article Numbers
Article Numbers Short Code
MOD HSK A40 DS20 450M32  
MOD HSK A50 DS20 640M32  
MOD HSK A63 DS20 688M32  
MOD HSK A63 DS20 X88M32  
MOD M32 30 503219 A100
MOD M32 3870260239105 SA22220
MOD M32 3870260247105 SA22228
MOD M32 3870320439125 SA24020
MOD M32 3870320454125 SA24035
MOD M32 LTR 1637245 FLTR49
MOD M32 SCLCL 0631199 TCLL06
MOD M32 SCLCL 0933250 TCLL09
MOD M32 SDJCL 0731199 TDJL07
MOD M32 SDJCL 1133250 TDJL11
MOD M32 SDNCL 1150105 TDNL11
MOD M32 SDNCR 1150105 TDNR11
MOD M32 SDXCL 1138105 TDXL11
MOD M32 SNFOL 0131199 SNFL01
MOD M32 SNFOL 0235260 SNFL02
MOD M32 SNFOR 0131199 SNFR01
MOD M32 SNFOR 0235260 SNFR02
MOD M32 STJPL 1633250 TTJL16
MOD M32 SVLCL 110002 TVLL11
MOD M32 SVLCL 1331195 TVLL13
MOD M32 SVVCL 1355105 TVVL13
MOD M32 SVVCR 1355105 TVVR13
MOD M32 SVXCL 1338105 TVXL13
TDS 100300