For Combined MillTurn Centers

Modulo D® System

Flexibility doesn't have to be expensive

  • Affordable, flexible solution for use of high positive rake angle Denitool inserts on millturn centers with modern tool holders
  • Patented, rigid interface with integrated coolant guiding between insert carrier and chuck unit
  • Interchangeable insert carriers with many different lead angles and insert geometries.
  • Copying with standard VCGT 1303 (VCGT 2.52) inserts

Insert carriers for all turning tasks

  • Insert carriers turned 180° useable as needed. (eg. radial arrangement in revolver)
  • Interchangeable hardened insert carriers
  • Custom designed insert carriers available upon request. Many different insert sizes and insert pocked styles have been carried out.

Your chuck is supported

  • Standard chuck unit comes with HSK-T40, HSK-T50, HSK-T63.
  • Custom Interfaces for ABS, CAPTO, KM etc.
  • Affordable replacement for inserts or insert carrier.