Miniature Chamfer Mill

MicroCut F

Miniature Chamfer Milling Cutter

For bore diameters from ⌀ 2mm (.078"). The popular MicroCut F tools are in use by many machineshops for tube end treatment and chamfering of small to medium size threads and countersinks.

Weldon shank and coolant through

All chamfer cutters feature a weldon shank and hardened insert pocked. The milling cutter "FW "1108 RSDS-06" comes with coolant through.

Clean Cut

You're well served with Denitool inserts. The MicroCut F milling cutters cover the hole material spectrum.

Article Numbers
  • FW 0212 RCDS-05
  • FW 0412 RSDS-06
  • FW 1112 RSDS-06
  • FW 0616 RVDS-07
  • FW "0208 RCDS-05
  • FW "0408 RSDS-06
  • FW "1108 RSDS-06
  • FW "0610 RVDS-07