for counterbores of 90° & 82°

CounterSink T

82° and 90°cones

When it comes to countersink operations our milling cutters have a superior design thanks to the optimized position of the cutting edge. The vibration free running and the soft cut avoid subsequent burr operations.

Countersink from ⌀ 6 mm (.236")

With Countersink Cutter 82°/ 90° you posess the best tool for your countersink operations. Highly precise inserts are essential for an evenly cut surface. That's why Denitool developed easy-cutting and precise TPHT inserts.

High lifetime

Countersink operations have their own challenges to manufacturing. That's why TPHT inserts are designed for withstanding always repeating bore sizes. The milling cutters work very well without coolant.

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Article Numbers
  • FW 0720 RTDS-11
  • FW 0920 RTDS-16
  • FW "0612 RTDS-11
  • FW "0912 RTDS-16
  • FW "0812 RTXS-11
  • FW "1112 RTXS-16