Smoothly cutting 90° angles

EdgeCut S

Optimized for economical milling

The axial and radial run-out are ideal for eg. fixtures or toolmaking. With exact 90° angles you'll achieve your task.

Versatile carbide inserts

With 4 instead of 2 cutting edges on every insert you'll see a significant decrease in insert consumption. Thanks to the precise SPHT & SPGT 06 insert sizes, the inserts will be evenly stressed during cutting.

Cylinder Shank

The milling cutters feature cylindric shanks for hydraulic expansion chuck and shrink-fit chucks.

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Article Numbers
  • FZ 1616 RSAS-06
  • FZ 2020 RSAS-06
  • FZ 2520 RSAS-06
  • FZ 3220 RSAS-06
  • FZ 4020 RSAS-06
  • FZ 5020 RSAS-06