For Precision Boring Heads

FineBore EW

The Original

High hardened precision insert pocket for strong grip.

Economical but premium quality

Coolant thru for chip removal.

2 to 3 cutting edges

Precision inserts with high repeat accuracy.

Article Numbers
  • E05F SWUCR-02-0001
  • E06G SWUCR-02-0001
  • E07F SCUPR-05-0006
  • E07F STUPR-07-0002
  • E07X SCUPR-05-0007
  • E07X STUPR-07-0001
  • E09H SCUPR-05-0004 
  • E09H STUPR-07-0002 
  • E09X SCUPR-05-0003
  • E09X STUPR-07-0001